Customer Service

Our partnership with CycloChrome provides you with roadside assistance

Whether you require small repairs or a full tune-up, the CycloChrome team of mechanics are here for you!

It’s designed to be super simple
Schedule an appointment with the Mobile Workshop where you want the repairs to be done on your Soon One

Minor repair examples :
• inner tube replacement
• turn indicator replacement
• mudguard replacement
• mirror replacement

Book your appointment directly on CycloChrome's website with the link below


For any additional information, contact CycloChrome at

Community mechanical workshop

In a better world, we help each other out!

To place our community at the heart of the project, we want to create a community workshop. The concept of this workshop is simple, all members will have access to tools and spare parts through self-service for all your two-wheeler maintenance needs. If you do not have any particular skills in mechanics, no problem! The community and CycloChrome mechanics are here to help you or carry out your repairs!

This project aims to improve the maintenance of our products and of two-wheelers in general in order to increase the lifespan and safety on the road. All of this in an atmosphere of sharing at a small price.

We need your help for this project to see the light of day! If you are interested in being part of this project, fill in your contact details in this form.