Thrift store tour on St-Laurent Blvd

Shop 'till you drop!

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Eva B - 2015, boul. St-Laurent 

Your thrift store outing on your soon one begins in one of the most recognized thrift stores in Montreal. With its unique storefront, Eva B is an emblem of Montreal vintage. Offering colorful new arrivals every week, you sure won't come out empty-handed. This unique boutique also offers a small bistro / café and a superb summer terrace behind the shop for a little break from your shopping.


Cul-De-Sac - 3794, boul. St-Laurent 

The most vintage choices in town can be found at Cul-de-Sac. Everything is there, from the oversized jeans jacket to the 90s t-shirts, you will surely find what you are looking for. The Cul-De-Sac also offers very affordable retro coats allowing you to find a unique winter coat! There are even pieces made by the owner. Do not forget your cash as this will allow you to skip the taxes on your items!


KiloFripe - 3800, boul. St-Laurent 

This shop near Cul-De-Sac is the kingdom of clothing recycling. The owners bring to life beautiful clothes from the past and promote local artists in the area. Musicians, dancers or photographers are always welcome to come and perform at their home. With new arrivals every week, you might find your gem here!


Citizen Vintage - 4059, boul. St-Laurent 

The rest of your tour of thrift stores will take you to Citizen Vintage. This beautiful boutique offers magnificent vintage pieces but also a superb collection of clothing designed by local Montreal artists. The clothes are recycled and repaired here in order to create unique pieces following current trends without destroying the environment. A second Citizen Vintage store is located on the same street in the Mile-End.


Ruse Boutique - 5141, boul. St Laurent 

On board the Soonma, you now leave the Plateau to enter the Mile-End to reach the Ruse store. If you have a little more budget for your vintage purchases, this shop is for you! Here you can find designer clothes and accessories at a great price. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Chloé and much more await you behind the door of this extraordinary boutique.


Empire Exchange - 5225, boul. St-Laurent (Mile-End) et 6796, boul. St-Laurent (Little Italy)

You will find at the Empire of the exchange beautiful vintage pieces but also a magnificent collection of new t-shirts, home accessories, beautiful jewelry and printed posters to decorate your apartment. You will surely not leave this little retro paradise empty-handed. This store also offers to collect the clothes you want to get rid of to give you credit in the store, everything is good in the circular economy!


Ex-Voto - 6534, boul. St-Laurent

Your thrift store walk in Soonma ends in Little Italy at Ex-Voto. This boutique is overflowing with unique little treasures.There are carefully selected vintage clothes, as well as original decor to perfect your home, magnificent jewelry, natural beauty products, candles of all kinds and an incredible collection of pins. Everyone will find their happiness there!

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